Pascal Aregger

"Always ready to learn new technologies to create atmospheric and touching games, because the most beautiful experience, apart from love, is to see when my work moves people."

Enthusiastic gamer no matter which platform
I love listening to electronic, pop and instrumental music
There is nothing better than programming with a modified Linux!

Who am I?

Hey, I am Pascal and these are some words about me.

Since 2010 at the age of 12 years I started creating video games with Unity. At that time there were not many tutorials about Unity. So I learned the programming and the use of the game engine myself, although I hardly knew English. When it came to finding a suitable apprenticeship (2013), it was clear to me that there is no company which offers an apprenticeship for game developers. Therefore I applied for software engineer.

Fortunately I was accepted by Roche Diagnostics International AG at Rotkreuz and received an greate education. During my apprenticeship I came into an extraordinarily interesting and challenging department and was allowed to work together with brilliant people. There I got to know many new programming languages, frameworks, tools and Linux, which I use for almost all projects.

When the training came to an end, I had to make the hardest decision until then. Either I accept one of the job offers and continue working as a software developer or I try to turn my hobby into my profession. I decided to go for my hobby and applied to the zurich university of the arts. Happily I was accepted! Now I'm studing there game design.

Latest projects

Rootbound Gaming-Platform11 Projects

Rootbound is an unofficial organization, which aims to connect different types of players within its own universe. To achieve this, the development team is currently working on 11 software projects which forms a gaming platform. Sometime in the year 2016 I got the idea and 03.01.2019 initiated the organization with the name Rootbound.

Read more on the official rootbound website or directly create an account.

The only one Unity2DNarrative microgame

«The only one» is an experimental microgame about discrimination. The game isn’t about fun or the highest score. The only focus the game has is to transport the emotional narrative of an individual who is subject to severe discrimination. During the game the player experiences situations ranging from exclusion to persecution and murder. To transmit the story the game relies mainly on game mechanics and sound design. The game is inspired by «The Marriage» and «Loneliness».

The game takes place on a long, straight road. There are only glowing dots that represent the actors in the story. All dots are blue, except two, which are red. The player controls one of the red dots. The red ones have a certain characteristic that is different from the blue ones. Because of this difference, the player is not accepted in that world and is therefore bullied by the blue.

Download and play it here.